Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Push Poll, This Time by tysonstomorrow.org

I'm just off the phone from a survey by tysonstomorrow.org. They were trying to get me to say that I support extending Metrorail to Dulles, without mentioning any costs. They also wanted me to say that I wanted both more housing and more affordable housing in Tysons Corner. That is two questions, not one as they posed it. Idiots like these are ruining the survey business.

Another aspect of poor survey design: I was asked whether I worked in Fairfax County. I answered "No." Then, it asked me whether I worked in Tysons Corner. Hello? Tysons Corner is in Fairfax County, so if I don't work in Fairfax County, I can't work in Tysons Corner. Idiots!

BTW, while I was typing the first paragraph, I got a second call from the same number with the same survey. Who programmed this stupid thing?


Brandon said...

Got the same survey. These should be illegal from the one-sided way the questions were asked, it's more an advertisement and propaganda than a survey. I'd love to see someone go after this group, but it's obvious that they don't want to be contacted since they use automated surveys and don't include any contact information on their web site.

Chuck Coleman said...

I couldn't even bring up their website. Simon Newcomb said "Follow the money." I suspect that this was sponsored by developers interested in redeveloping Tysons Corner according to the pedestrian-friendly plans that have floated.